Don't have time to read God's word 
Get the Bible on your Smart Phone or Tablet and take his word with you.
It is a great way to keep in touch with God during your busy day.

Download the free YouVersion Bible App on your mobile device and you'll have your Bible with you no matter where you go.

Our Food Pantry is low.  The food pantry is used by the Benevolence ministry to help those in need.  There is a list of needed items on the back table. Please help us restock for the summer months. 
Thank you for your generous donations!
 Have a Question About Scripture or Our Church?
If you have any questions about scripture or about the church please fill out a question 
form and submit it to our pastor.  He will read all and send you an anwser via e-mail
If your mailing/email address or phone number has recently changed please fill out a card with the changes and drop in the offering box
Children’s Church Parents
Reminder Kids that are going into the 1st grade have graduated out of Children’s Church. We look forward to seeing them in the main church service.
All Night Prayer
We will have a all night prayer meeting 
July 21 at 7 pm to day light next morning.